Environmentally-friendly 100% recycled graffiti deterrent, water saving products

Established in 2008, Ivy-It's proprietary, unique and sustainable products have proven to be a practical and cost-effective solution for graffiti deterrence, reduction of water usage and landscape maintenance in multiple industries.

What is Ivy-It?

We offer environmentally friendly, 100% recycled graffiti deterrent products and life-like synthetic foliage representations for residential, municipal and commercial clients. Ivy-It™ is a synthetic ivy and vine system that creates a realistic and aesthetically true representation of natural foliage.

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Municipal Solutions

Ivy-It™ has been working with municipalities like Anaheim, Lynwood, La Puente and Pico Rivera, in aiding their graffiti deterrent efforts and hence reducing their graffiti abatement cost. The concept is simple. Anchor life-like synthetic ivy to existing graffiti prone walls, fencing and mechanical boxes, therefore deterring graffiti and adding an aesthetic appeal.

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Solutions for Utilities

Ivy-It products have been helping utilities like San Diego Gas & Electric and the Riverside CA Public Utilities Department by deterring and eliminating graffiti; reducing and eliminating water sprinklers, maintenance and water costs & perimeter landscaping costs and maintenance, and providing cost efficient security fence screening .

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Transportation Solutions

Transportation companies like the Los Angeles MTA face a never-ending battle with graffiti. Ivy-It products effectively solve these ongoing issues by deterring and eliminating graffiti, eliminating ongoing difficult abatement and producing quick install green walls. The benefits of cost reduction and aesthetically appealing foliage walls are immediate.

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